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Currently the Alpha 2 testing is finished.


In KARANTIIN you can use anything and everything, you have a inventory to manage, you must keep an eye on your vitality stats (food, thirst, health, bleeding and radiation), you must search for items, protect yourself from death, it also offers a OpenWorld experience and a WaveMode.

KARANTIIN offers immersive shadows, most of the lights are realtime and optimized to keep the performance, monsters and humans react to sound, you need at least 2Gb of vram and 8Gb of ram to run this game on 60fps. The game also offers a good settings menu where you can edit the graphics. If you have a strong pc, you can run this game smooth as a butter if you have a decent monitor. (120hz, 144hz or 240hz)

KARANTIIN is a atmospheric roleplay action adventure true first person horror shooter with physics.
KARANTIIN is Estonian word for "Quarantine" and is developed by just one person.

If you are a content creator and making a gameplay video about KARANTIIN, you can use any of my video content, update videos, update devblogs, artwork and even music from my channel to make one immersive video! I really do love watching the content you fantastic people make, it helps me with to hunt bugs and I get amazing feedback!

I will also post my favourite videos in here!


· Unzlip the folder, if you dont unzip the folder, you can't save and edit settings!
· It is reccomended to unzip the folder to a SSD drive, load times will be fast then.
· Keep in mind. to run this game you need:
Operating system - Windows 7 SP1+
CPU - SSE2 instruction set support.
GPU - Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
· If you have any other problems, send email to info@karantiin.com or join the discord.

! If you have a issue where starting a new game crashes the game - Open options and click save, then try again.

Review Video I really Liked









You don't have to but if you insist there is a way to support this project.
When you download the game from itch.io you can also name your own price, that way you can support KARANTIIN, but it has a long waiting time and cannot be used straight away.

If you don't wish to name your price from itch.io and want to help fast as possible you can also support this project with paypal:


 (PayPal has processing fees)

that way you can deposit a donation directly and this donation can be used for the project straight away!


Something not related to standalone KARANTIIN, introducing the KARANTIIN VR

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every time i try to download it it says something about the build. do u know how to fix it?

The downloads are currently turned off until version 3.0

oh thanks

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Can you please give any little info on when can we expect the next update? The latest DevLog on this page is dated Feb 19 2023, that is more than a year ago. Not to put you under any pressure, just curious if the project still alive?


Yes, it is alive. It's good to hear that someone is reading the dev logs!

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Best game ever downloaded in itch io

I was one of the lucky persons who can play the alpha and its a great game. Hope i can play Alpha 3 demo too.

Waiting for that day! Keep going


Thank you!

What year will the game be finished? Or, when will another download link be available? From the pictures and description, the game looks awesome! As a solo dev making the game, you've done some great work you should be proud of. Looking forward to future updates and the progress to come.

That's a good question, yes there will be a new download for the next update and for free ofc.
I don't think it will ever be finished the way some other games can be finished, as this is a huge project for me I think I will just keep adding content as time goes on. Any other game I would have made would have a finish date, but for a fps (favorite genre) there would not.

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Totally understandable. I have a couple other questions if you're okay with answering them. I'm really interested in your game from what I've seen on the Itch.io page. Please note that I'm just some internet nobody who's curious.

- Where can I find an "Update Report" section where I can see the content changes? Additions, removals, buffs, nerfs, etc. 
- Will the game stay as a "Free to Download; Free to Play", or will it eventually have a paywall of x-amount of USD?
- Will you eventually be looking to hire a team to help with the development?
- From what I've seen, the game looks to have an S.T.A.L.K.E.R. atmosphere of sorts. Is that the world you're going for? And if not, what is the world you're going for?
- Can you include a "Minimum Spec Requirements" along with a "Recommended Spec Requirements" section on the main game page? I run games on a "less-than-optimal" laptop, so knowing if I can run the game in the first place would be awesome; along with being beneficial to other users who may want to play too.
     - Could the "Spec Reqs" include Ram, CPU, GPU, Storage, etc.; Things you'd find on a game posted to Steam?
- When will the next update be, roughly?

And not so much a question but FPS games are also one of, if not the favorite genre of mine as well. You can do a lot with the genre as long as it's implemented well.

As always, though, good luck with the development!

EDIT: I looked back and saw you had "somewhat" (for lack of a better terminology) of a Spec Req list. However, it's on the vague side of things... Can you change or update it so it's at the bottom of the page, but also just above where the DOWNLOAD button would be? 

Thanks again, and GL with development.

It's cool. I am always willing to give any information i can provide.
1) https://karantiin.itch.io/karantiin/devlog
2) I have few ideas that are in my mind to make this free to play. I do have a steam page for it, but I have not activated it.
3) If I decide to make this game free then no, if I decide a price then yes.
4) I have played a ton of games, so from every good game there will be some elements from that I like. Overall I am designing a game that I would like to play. And you are right I really do love Stalker GAMMA.
5) At the current state this game is kind of playable even for intel HD card's, but that will change because how many newer components my main core pc has, so it will be harder to test it. I will only be able to see how it runs on other people pc's while they record the gameplay. But reality is that in order to make this game at the next update to be considered playable you will need a beefier PC because developing this on a potato was easy. I knew that when my potato could run this a lot people could. But now I have RTX and testing will be a lot harder.
But remember the fact that a gameplay itself needs the CPU for scripts and stuff, the GPU is mainly for graphics.
6) Yes, for steam these things are mandatory, so I will actually test this game of different PCs myself to find the middle point. I will simply put the game on a USB and transfer it around with me.
7) It is a hard question to answer and it is the main question people ask me. So it kind of tells me that people are looking for some more and its awesome. But overall life itself is what keeps stopping the progress, as developing a game is hard task mentally and physically. So I usually develop this when I want to, otherwise it can mentally drain me.

I also do love FPS, mainly single player ones, because of HAX around the online community.
I will make a new one whenever the new version is released. I also think it will be needed.
Thank you.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to everything! I've never made a game before, but from what I've heard and seen it can take a lot of work, so don't rush yourself. If you rush art, the finished product will reflect that. I like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feel you've got going on! So far, everything presentation-wise looks good, and you're right about the "update dilemma." I'm speaking for myself but looking at your game, if you add more things here and there it will only get better. I don't have any other questions at this time, but once a new download button is available, and I've upgraded from the potato I'm running now, I'll be sure to check out your game!

Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors,
RedCopperWire :D

Edit: Just after pressing the "post reply" button, I thought of something. Do you have a Discord server, where people can talk and discuss your game? It could help build the game's community, and you can interact with them and get feedback about things. Might be a good idea, might not; up to you. B)

Yes, the discord is in the description.

y isnt there a download rn

Currently the alpha 2 testing is done, i removed the link because people started to rate the game based on old versions.

oh, well can u add it back soon, i really wanna play it

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well you can join the discord, then you'd be the first to know when i upload it. karantiin.com

i can't download the game the download button isn't there?

Currently the alpha 2 testing is done. Alpha 3 will be with updated content, i allowed downloads just to get people help me to hunt for bugs so i don't have to search them myself, it was a major success because i watched a lot of them. Overall what happened is that people started to rate the game, which is not ideal for a alpha game that was updated frequently. Well you could wait for alpha 3, and a video on youtube would get your attention when its done and free to download again.

Very solid concept, as well as a great game in general so far. Loved the visual presentation, the story (even though at the moment there's not too much), and the gunplay wasn't too bad. This was also a good take on the inventory management system.  Only proper recommendation is some voice acting along with the subtitles.

I found this game pretty boring. Good concept tho!

does this game support controller?

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It once did, but a lot of people had problems with this so I turned it off for alpha.
Also it doesn't make it better that I don't have a decent controller myself and not much of a controller person.

really liked this game! very good atmosphere and gameplay mechanics, loved the visual and aural style too. excited to see where it goes from here!

here is my gameplay of it :)

Took me a while but I finally got to play the game it was definitely an experience I'll give it a 9.8 Out of 10 Here's my video for the full gameplay thanks

Thank you for playing!

Here's my 3rd video of this game. Might record again, this game isn't bad

Thank you for playing!

This game is fire, thank you for the epicness.

I will make it even better, thank you!

love the game man keep up the good work 

Thank you for playing!

After a few months I've returned to upload part 2 of this cool game.

It was an alright game, my full review is at the end of the video. Just needs a lot of polish and direction with some kind of story. But I had a decent time playing it.

Thank you for playing it twice!

I have found this bug in the game. where a enemy hit me in the corner and I got knocked out of the map

Yes, this can happen if enemies push you out of the borders, it's kind of a problem with unity itself. I will write this bug down and try to find a solution to this. The most easiest would be just to spawn the player back in the scene when falling out of the map.

Ok, i was just pointing it out for if this is a big problem or not

I really enjoyed this game! The controls felt good and the difficulty felt just right. I really enjoyed being able to break objects in the game too!

I had spiders randomly spawn on me in the bunker that ended up killing me but I think it was part of the game? Either way, it kept me on my toes for other random spawns.

The dialogue for the character could use some work as I felt that it didn't feel relevant at times and also felt unnatural. I also got stuck on some of the environment, but that could have just been me being dumb.

Overall, I had a great time playing this game and can't wait for the full release!

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"I had spiders randomly spawn on me in the bunker that ended up killing me but I think it was part of the game? Either way, it kept me on my toes for other random spawns."
- Oh yes, the random spawns is one of my creation to make every playthru a little different, it's also cool as a developer to not know what happens all the time, like the spiders that scared you, when you died they didn't spawn anymore but act as a random encounter, they do it literally so randomly that it makes it fun to watch. :D

It took me a while to play it, but I regret nothing!!

This game is super fun to play! It starts really fast and is, of course, quite unforgiving. But that makes it fun! I LOVED its RE vibes and... Well, being able to break stuff was amazing hahaha 

Maybe it'd be better if there weren't as many f bombs in the dialogues, but they were very funny to me anyway!

Thank you for the game! ^^ ♡

is there online coop ?

I do have some plans for the future but it wouldn't be coop, more like multiplayer.

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Just wanted to tell you guys that i got my hands on a RTX 4060 ti, thats a 120% upgrade from GTX 970. You will see some immersive graphical improvements :)

Also i cannot say that gtx 970 is bad, not at all, the card performed very well the whole developing cycle, but i can tell you that developing with 4060ti will make it even more fun because my pc wont slow down when developing.

Had a blast playing! Good atmosphere and challenging gameplay! Lots of F bombs! lol

Amazing stealth sir!

Was I supposed to be stealthy? lol 

I finally got around to getting this off my list! Sorry it took me so long!

Loved the game, it starts to drag a bit once you reach the ending of the bunker with the shadow demons. But other than that I had a whole lot of fun and scared moments when the odds were against me!

Thanks for reaching out!


There are a few things I wanna say about the game. The gameplay is good and the UI is great. Something that bothered me was that it seems like all weapons are doing the same, for example, the shotgun shells don't spread. Also if you shoot to the head it's always a headshot, even with a knife. Besides that, I enjoyed the game, the demo is kinda repetitive after half an hour, but I really like where you're going with it.

Hope to see more of this!

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I think I can make it better :D

But for the weapons part, i like the idea of not being restricted to the guns, i want every weapon to feel powerful, but a csgo, metro, stalker, resident evil skillset to it, where your weapons have a feel of a reality on them, like the shotgun spread, as someone who has experienced some level of military school in my life. I can tell you shotgun pellets dont spread open like in some older games. Melee i made better already ofc. :D

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I had a lot of fun playing this Demo & look forward to seeing further updates as the game progresses. I've linked my video below if anyone wants to check it out, thank you in advance. 

To the developer: I've left my thoughts & feelings about the game at the end of the video. Thank you again for reaching out to me & apologies it took me so long to play your game 😅

My video - https://youtu.be/VIxLYutFiQM

My YouTube Channel link - TheOutlandishGamer


Almost stopped playing several times due to being scared! I will say I noticed if I was loud they all came running and only those out of ear shot or trapped in a room remained in the level afer an initial horde! Which calmed me lol. Very well made and fleshed out, well done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQlSxCCQFbA

This was really fun! I even got angry at the end because I kept dying lol 

I left a small review at the end of my video for the developers <3 Can't wait for the full game.

The game was okay—a lot of stuff needs to be tweaked or changed. But overall decent. 
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Finally Released My playthrough on the game, and to say the least, it was definitely interesting. I left a comment for you in the description, enjoy the video!

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Honest critique: 

Upgrade the dialogue so that the main character doesn't sound like an angsty teen who just learned how to use cuss words. Flesh out the story using intelligent and expositional dialogue.

Spread the enemies out so that they are in more varied locations. There are so many hallways, rooms, and spaces completely empty where enemies could be. Instead, you get areas where you are bombarded by hoards.

There are a couple of areas I found that depending on where you move, some enemies do not trigger/spawn. The spiders for instance, did not spawn during my first playthrough, but did in my second, when I walked over to a certain wall. Another area where the bigger "gas mask" enemy spawns, he kind of glitches and just stands there, or doesn't spawn at all.

Make it more of a struggle to find keycards and add puzzles in order to make progressing more challenging. 

The game has a really, really good foundation, it just needs some meat (substance).

Deleted 83 days ago
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relax. the dude was cloned, I think he was having a panic attack that caused him to swear too much.
The honest answer is that when i developed this system, i just randomly typed some stuff there and i needed that to be done fast 
I will change it don't worry :D

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Sorry that you had issues with it, still a wrok in progress. In the level where the mobs randomly spawned, it is so called the horror feature that is still work in progress.

It kind of makes every playthro different as it has a chance to spawn different things, i never thought people would  think it is a glitch.
I can tell you are a experienced player as you wanted to get more immerson, but in the itch.io there are a lot of people who don't understand how to do anything so i had to keep it simple. The game will get more interesting after openworld and more characters to play on. Cuss words are reduced a lot in 2.8

At the moment it is a foundation not a full release, because there are a lot more to be added, it would be a lot more difficult to edit the full release with addons.

Thanks so much for sending me this game, I hope you find this video entertaining!

AWESOME game that really sets the tone for what a zombie game should be: fun and intense. I enjoyed my playthrough thoroughly and hope to see what's going to come next!

i hope i don't install this and it ends up not supporting 32-bit

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it didn't support 32-bit

I loved

I am Paraguayan and I really congratulate you for a game with all the possible merits still in development, I am looking forward to your updates

A promising fps but has room for improvement.

Somewhat annoying how 90% of dialogue is just fuck.

The transition doors could have a prompt instead of moving you instantly.

Quickly found that W + A or D + sprint + jumping makes you really fast.

Hope you change the store to be more fitting.

The corridors(especially at the start) are way too spacious.

The gun play feels solid but the melee feels unresponsive( but cool it with the amount of guns in story).
But was a pretty good short game overall.

Hey, your game is awesome! First time i play a game like this and i love it. Waiting for the full game because it have a lot of potential!

Here is my gameplay. Keep going!

El juego es brutal. La verdad es que me ha sorprendido viniendo sólo de 1 persona. Tiene muchísimo potencial y si sigue así fijo que triunfará. Aquí dejo mi gameplay

Атмосфера реально сжимает штанишки

Haven't included the story mode part in this video but I plan to release that as soon as I can. :) I enjoyed this.

I've now tried out the game, and I really enjoyed it! Made a video out of so feel free to check it out if ya all want :)


I LOVED THIS GAME! Please continue updating and bring more for us, i really really REALLY wanna play more! i made a video, here: 

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