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I'm sad I missed the email (by 2 months) from the developer to try this game out, because I absolutely loved it! Had a lot of elements in what I look for in a game these days. I loved that there was a tutorial and graphics/quality options because you don't see that often with an indie game.
Sorry it took me 2 months to play, and here's a gameplay video I made to show it off to the world. Took just over an hour to finish it up (I assume, wasn't sure if there was anything past the level I end the video on).
Extremely well done! 

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Thank you for the amazing feedback, there is one more thing you can try. The wavemode in the gamemodes tab. Overall I loved your  gameplay video! And thank you for leaving a rating!

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Such a great game! I really enjoyed it more than I expected.

Thank you for giving it a try!

I really enjoyed trying out the demo game controls were smooth and fairly easy to learn . The graphics were extremely  good and looked excellent.
I also loved the fact that the music was limited as it really added to the atmosphere of the game.

Only thing that I think needed adding was a slightly larger cursor as I had a bit of trouble seeing it sometimes. Also I think a game map could be a good addition as I got lost quite a few times.

Although I did find smashing the doors down helped me see where I had been sort ofd like a trail of bread crumbs.

I  will definitely be keeping my eye on future updates.

Well done on a really professional game.

My Gameplay

Thank you for the gameplay! I only wished you play till the end ;)

Game keeps crashing after tutorial or when I try to open a different game mode, anyone know what could be causing this?

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Join the discord. I can help you there.

First off love the game its great but my question is when this game fully releases will it be free?

I havent put a lot of thought to that so far, it all depends.

will there be support for linux? i do have wine but i do need native linux support >.>

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So far you are the second person asking this, but answer is it can be done. But if someone helps to test this is even better, because i don't have a access to linux.

Excuse me, I ever read all comments and watch gamers playthrough either. Might I help you, Karantiin as well. If it runs in weak laptop as mine. It will runs in almost linux desktop. And sorry again to invade the Argent Arcent comments. :)

eitherway get a usb and just well find some tutorials on trying to get linux i did use linux and is promising


Thank you for the love!

Here it goes. I appreciated to much. I shall really stay tuned what we'll have in Openworld:

Sorry about OBS frame rate - KARANTIIN V2.0

Overall i see that it ran without any issues, only issue is pc performance, overall it ran fine from start to end and that's cool! I can say this program you have for linux works really well.

Thanks to your reply. I really appreciated your game and your feedback about winehq. Well, you're pretty right. I'm mean your can answer for others who says, sometimes ;  - "Do you have this version for linux? I would like try. ", here it is. Use the winehq in your linux distro, dude, I have pretty sure the game will runs very fine!  Dumpster used in Lubuntu 20.04 into a laptop and runs. Of course it will runs in your setup.  ;) Nice to meet you, buddy! You deserve best regards, you're very kind! <3

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i really enjoyed the game play and i will be trying again soon plus i will be doing the next update, contact me anytime to give it a test run, one thing i did notice was the ash-trays that are around always have a look on them saying (open) not hold or grab etc but loved the game and guns.

*seen update, thanks for the ash-tray open bug fixed*

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Yes, thank you! The ashtray bug is a funny bug. I didn't even realise i had it until the first 2.0 video came out. That's why im so thankful for all you youtubers out there.
You guys may not know, but when i watch all the gameplays, most youtubers actually help me to fix bugs and improve the gameplay. Its just the way of finding them. :D

perfect and i can't wait to play this new update today 

Here's my take on the game! I had a blast exploring this world, shooting up some infected, and surviving! I would love to see this game come together as a full-length adventure!


Thank you for that amazing gameplay!

Nice game and thanks for reaching out! Here's my playthrough, I give some advice in it if you want to listen and I can give you some more if you want, but overall good job 

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All the feedback is greatly appreciated! And thank you for this amazing gameplay!

So many guns to use, lots of levels, game was super smooth.

I can't believe this was made by only you, phenomenal job !

Music was super catchy too.

Here is my playthrough of the whole demo if you'd like to give it a watch :)

Thank you for playing that game to the end! The openworld is still a wip so that's why i just left it to the end :D

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Do optimization please, my pc is dying :(

The game is good tho

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I have optimized this game very very much :( 

It the main focus i have to run the game at 100+ fps

If your pc is dying, its because this game needs at least 8gb ram and 2gb video memory to run at 60fps.

I run it at 16gb ram and 4gb videocard and i get 180fps  on 240hz monitor.

I hope you get to test it on better pc :(

If you can run the game on 60fps and the main problem is overheating, turn on vertical sync and disable ambietement occulusion.

I like to fly around the level with bunny hopping

Nice guns btw


I do the same hehe, that's why bunny hoping will never get removed ;)

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Wasnt expecting this game to be so good! The controls are simple (I'd change flashlight to F instead of V), the environment is fun but eerie, no noticeable glitches, awesome! The only part that made me puzzled was when I got cornered by a bunch of infected and was able to switch guns (this probably 10-15 seconds) and didnt die. The music is a bit high and made it tricky to record gameplay without my voice being overtaken. The game was longer than expected, so I'll be doing a part 2 soon!

Knowing that you like the game offers a lot of joy!

IM SO BUMMED!! i didnt find more guns, but was a sickkk game!!! good job 

Thank you for the kind words! More updates will come!

Havin' a real good time with this one so far~!

Right as I found myself sayin' I didn't feel too scared, things started jumpin' out at me and gettin' real spooky! Can't wait to see more of it, and glad I got the chance to try what's here so far! :D

Thank you for playing, can't wait for more parts!

This game is pretty fun so far, I only have one problem with it. Maybe I'm missing something but upbeat music on a gloomy mysterious environment seems to throw off my immersion. Apart from that, pretty solid. I'll look forward to future updates ^^

I fully understand what you mean, don't worry, when the true foundation is ready the horror ambience starts!

Iam getting killing floor vibes from this one

Killing floor is very different, but thank you for playing, also i asked a little question on youtube

I know it's different but those fleshy red looking zombies are a clear inspiration from killing floor.

Still the game has lots of potential also add an infection meter the games name is literally karantiin 

Very nice game

Thank you for playing!

Finally found the time to dive into this game and play it! I had so much fun during the playthrough and was quite surprised by the outcome! I'm sure I missed a lot of things, but I had to watch my back in case the running ones snuck up on me lol Thanks for reaching out for me to check your game out and I can't wait for what you have in store for future updates!

Thank you for the amazing gameplay!

In this video I play 3 scary games; The Smiling Man, Dark Hotel & Karantiin. These games was amazingly scary and funny at the same time. I hope you guys enjoyed the video as much as I did Making it for you. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE IT HELPS THE ALGORITHIM OF MY CHANNEL SO THAT MORE PEOPLE CAN WATCH IT. If you enjoyed leave a like👍.

Thank you for the gameplay!

No problem. You're up to something good. Keep on grinding. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

game to me personally is absolutely amazing!

Thats amazing to hear!

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I was actually very surprised by this game! I love the concept of it and I'm looking forward to the future updates! Thank you for reaching out to me!

Thank you for the support, really loved the way you play, you are the only person i've seen that actually destroied the crates at the end and picked up the M4. ;)

Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to see where you go with this game.

Thank you for your feedback!

Had a blast editing this gameplay. The weapons were fun to use. the zombies had variety. cant wait to see how this game turns out all together. Enjoy. 

Thank you for making such amazing gameplay video!

Thank you for reaching out with your game! A lot of feedback is already on the video here, but I am also sending you back an email with more feedback and ideas for your future updates and development, I have also been watching a lot of the videos already submitted here to get an idea what works and what is annoying from a gamer or a player point of view experience. Here is the gameplay:

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Thank you for playing, i loved your energy! Sorry about the keycard thing, i hope you'll try the next version out too, because there are some more optimizations made so lower end pcs will behave even better, basically any shadows that must not need to be rendered will be disabled and stuff, also lod groups to support the openworld! It really did improve the performance like 50%! When i started with the open world optimization i ran from 40-60 fps and after it jumped to 110!

Your game looks great even at 30 fps, for me there is no issue at all. Would like to see what you can do with this project! Keep it up man! 

Had a lot of fun cant wait to try VR out thank yous for reaching out to me 

Thank you for playing!

Thanks so much for reaching out!  Great game, I can't wait for more updates!


You are already on discord, but i have to write something here so i remember that i have watched it! Good to have you and great video!

Great job it's really awesome game! I had lots of fun playing it. 

Had Fun Playing The Game And It Has Potential To Be Great.

Sorry for the long delay, the game is fun. Has a great concept and the graphics are nice. Would like to see more sounds/music for the game, but wave mode at the end is a really fun add on

Thank you for the amazing gameplay!

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I give up wave mode.

Thank you for playing!

I had more guns and ammo than I knew what to do with. It was pretty awesome. 

Amazing gameplay you made!

This game really needs a multiplayer it would be great 

I agree on that with you!

Really good game my friend well done on making it.

I really enjoyed it

Have a nice day

Be safe

Thank you for playing!

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one of my favourite games I have played so far as a indie game I loved the gameplay and the graphics for s really good can't wait to see the whole game of this


More will come! Thank you for playing!

It was actually pretty good but it's clearly alpha. I'm not huge fan of places like this. It's mostly hallways and small rooms. But it has potential to be something more.

Thank you for the gameplay!

Ah shoodie dah doodie

Amazing voice, thank you!

Thank YOU! ;{D

Glad to play your game DEV and thanks for the Email. I hope in future updates you add more around the quality in zombies, (fix that one problem I dealt with), and whatever your imaginative mind can come up with. This is much better than COD Vanguard Zombies lmao. Best wishes to your full release!

Thank you for posting here also! :)

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